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I'm a hair stylist that have been in the hair industry since 1992. This was around the beginning of the WEAVE TAKEOVER. If you are at least 30 years old, you will remember that we use to section the hair then apply the weave track to the scalp area. And if you remember that then you will also remember that EVERYONE STILL HAD THEIR EDGES AND HAIR.

It is so bothersome that I can tell a client that their hair will not grow back and they don't care all they want is the weave. WEAVE is NOT the problem you ABUSING the weave is the problem. Stylist only being concerned with the dollar is the problem. But, in defense of the stylist. We are tired of telling clients what is going to happen and they don't care or leave to go to someone that will do their install then that's money we could have made. As for me I rather you leave then for me to have to help you hurt yourself.

As you can see the the pictures above the first picture is someone that edges have broken from braids and or sew-in. No, this isn't my client I actually pulled this off the internet to use for example. So your question is 'So how do I know what I'm talking about?'. I know because I have been doing hair for over 25 years and a good stylist can tell you what you have done before you tell him/her. Ninety percent of the time repeat things happen with individual clients that have the same routine.

If it was 1995, I would tell the lady in the second picture that she wore...  Click the link to learn about your hair

Ardra Maddox

Ardra Maddox

Ardra has established a successful career since 1992 generating a clientele from all walks of life. She has earned a reputation for not only trendy styles but for caring and promoting hair growth. While maintaining a reputable name through the eras of the hair industry. She demonstrates innovative styling techniques that gives you a complete look that boosts your confidence in your personal and professional life.

In this community every year Ardra, her staff, and over 20 volunteers service 20-75 Back to School kids for Newton and Rockdale County schools. The kids are provided with whatever services are needed to get the kids hair on a jumpstart to health for free. Ego Couture Salon also provides full bookbags for each grade, meals, cup cakes, candy, pizza and more.

Outside of caring for her family, Ardra teaches classes once a month to help stylist become educated on all styles from the 90's to now. The salon’s images of styles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made its pages among the more popular in the beauty industry on social media.

Last, but not least Ardra demonstrates a health spiritual relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ along with her silliness she serves you with hair TRUTHS in our relaxing atmosphere.


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